Saturday, September 25, 2010

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Found in an old email

Someone had written this to me in an email a few years ago. I just ran across it and it's just neat and insightful. I don't want to lose track of it. Not sure it will make much sense to others but here it is.

"My job change is a weird turn going from an over abundance of rules to hardly any at all.

The other half of our conversation also fits in with that theme. While one can think that changing jobs will find the happiness and the internal peace one wants, there is also the extreme of resigning oneself to not changing "because the next thing will probably be the same". So, even in this arena one has to search for the proper balance. While I'm quite aware that happiness comes from within rather than without, there are some things that are not acceptable and must be changed every so often while other things do not have to change because it was the improper thinking of depression that caused it to be unbearable. I wish I could help you there but that middle ground is something only you can find just as I had to find my peace in life. For me some of it was a job change to go with my new happier self. I had to leave the environment that I was in for when I started I was depressed and now I was better and I wanted to break away from that job as I had too many triggers present. I was dealing with them well but my coworkers had seen the old me and I wanted a new place where only the well adjusted me would ever be known. So, you may find Maritz will work for you or you may find that you'll want to leave as the desk, a person, an assignment or whatever will trigger old memories. You won't get depressed because of the triggers as you'll be better but you might not like to be around them anymore. I didn't want any of these reminders so I left that particular job.

Don't you like that, we talk about the "grass is greener" syndrome then I toss the opposite at you and say that the grass can be greener.

Balance is the key. Pick your pasture Melissa and find the field with the right shade of green for you."